Quest Log

The Golden Child Cultists

These cultists of the Golden Child are still spreading slowly. What will we do about them?

The Dragon Temple

On our way across the South on Fayne’s ship, we stop at a waypoint for folks exploring the fabled Dragon Ruins where enough treasure hunters come through a small village is starting. Our ship was blown to shit by a Red Wizard riding a dracolich, but luckily they left. Maybe we should go back.

The Search for the Fist of Chloƫ

Shanrani’s mace, the Fist of ChloĆ« is lost to the ages when she and her adopted orc village were conquered and enslaved. Her great-granddaughter Grigri wants her birthright back. It should be somewhere near Calimport.

The Search for the Interesting Gnome

While headed to Ormpur for supplies for the Village, on the second night our sleep was interrupted by a gang of Githyanki who were about to do bad deeds to get info from us regarding something they are looking for. They were cagey because they don’t want us looking for it. In the end, they told us to keep an eye out for an interesting looking gnome and to let them know when we find him. They left us a quest item to contact them with when we find the gnome.

Crowley Goes West

When we were in Ahmraven, Crowley got us to find an artifact for him, a Skull. It was from a shop run by a devil that we freed from his bondage, and we managed to kill some vampires who caused us trouble. That devil took off causing the Zhents to pull up stakes and head home to figure things out. The garrison in Thaymarsh left a curse on their Bane temple drawing in undead. We were present when the Black Knight showed up and entered the temple causing the undead horde to flood the city. We tried to rescue as many folks as we could. Later in Ormpur, we had a run in with our old friend Crowley who was headed to Deadmarsh with three carts full of the butchered remains Ormpur’s thieves’ Guild. And the Skull which allows control of undead.

Chasing Chauntea

The followers of Chauntea who are helping us get our Village up and running had reports of some of their brethren having a problem on and island off the southern coast. They may need some help.

Luthien’s Tattoo

After a bad dream about dragons, Luthien wakes up to find a dragon shaped tattoo on her neck stretching under her hairline. It vaguely looks like a map.

That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie

Our little keep in the mountain under the Village was populated by kobold were-rats. They had all died centuries in the past, but a weak lich had remained, but fell quickly. When we entered the keep through the hidden entrance, we crossed a bridge over a crevice deep in the mountain and Varis felt a strong but dormant evil in the crevice. We should probably check that out sometime.

Quest Log

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